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Channeled guidance & Intuitive energy healer 

I’m an energy intuitive reader and a channel and have been working intuitively for many years.

I am a qualified Usui reiki, Angelic Reiki, Dragon Reiki and Violet flame practitioner who works with the body’s own innate wisdom and intuitive guidance to assist your healing journey.

I read, see and feel energy, chakras & the auric field and work with your higher self and guides to support your spiritual path. 

I hear, see, feel using all of the Clair senses to intuit and as a channel I am able to connect with your higher self or multi dimensional aspects of yours and also guides and bring forward any messages, insights or information which can assist you. 

I also connect with past life and Akashic information which wishes to be presented for your spiritual evolution.

I work remotely and channel the Information absently and send it to you via email as an audio MP3. If I’m guided to pull an oracle cards for you I will photograph these and send you the “book meaning “ too but I use intuitive guidance to work with the oracle cards if they are used in your reading.

A reading is based upon what comes through for you and  It’s always led by what is presented for you during a session. 

Readings may include energy scans of your energetic body, past life insights, Karmic blockages, galactic or angelic connections you may have, energy healing and ascension path guidance relating to your personal journey.

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This has become one of my most popular services.  Intuitive channeled Guidance regarding your Soul journey, past life insights and energy.
I work as an energy intuitive and connect with your higher self or multi dimensional aspects of yours and also guides etc.
I work remotely and channel the Information absently and send it to you via email as an audio MP3 session is based upon what comes through for you and mayinclude quantum timeline healing, akashic information, karmic patterns, blueprint code information and activations, energy healingand ascension path guidance relating to your personal journey.



Akashic Guidance 

Akashic Reading 


Reading based around information presented through the Akashic Records this can be a narration of visual memories presented and incorporate any messages brought through from session for your evolution.



Natural Healing

£100.00 for 60 minutes 

Oracle card reading 
Intuitive guidance drawing upon the wisdom of Oracle  cards.
I can tailor the reading to your specific questions. 



Chakra & Auras 

Chakra and Aura Readings
This beautiful reading  looks at your Auric field and chakras describing the pattern’s, colours and any intuitive guidance which comes forward.
A Healing and balancing may also included.
The reading is conducted remotely and a recording of your healingwill be sent via Email. 



Balance Your Chi

Violet Flame Distance Healing 


The Violet Flame is a high vibration spiritual flame that is used by invoking on it and working with Ascended Master St Germain.

Primarily it opens you up to receive the healing energy and to help you evolve spiritually.

It is a calming a soothing flame and will help you open up to a whole new way of life.

Working with the flame allows us release, cleanse, clear and transmute any density within our chakras and energy body.

Working with the flame brings forgiveness for ourselves and others.



Natural Healing

Angelic Reiki Distance Healing 

£60.00 for 30 mins £111.11 for 60 mins 

Angelic Reiki is a beautiful and powerful healing treatment from the highest energies direct from Angels,  Archangels, Ascended Masters, Galactic Healers and other expressions of the Divine, to bring about healing & balance for those receiving the healing energy.

Angelic Reiki can be sent to ourselves, through distant healing for individuals,  to places and situations whether they are close or at a distance.

This unique complete system of healing has been drawn from the Usui and Shamballa Reiki  lineages



An Ancient Science

Pendragon Reiki - Distance Healing


Pendragon Reiki is a new form of energetic healing channelled by the Dragons through Kieron Morgan. It is similar to traditional Reiki but with the added power of Dragons!

Dragon fire is incredibly powerful and can be used to clear blockages both in the self or in aspects of our lives so that we can move forwards upon our path.



​Disclaimer 💫🙌💫

It is a legal requirement that I include a disclaimer with this email.

In accordance with the law in several countries I must point out that all oracle readings given are for entertainment purposes only, and no guarantee can be given as to the accuracy of a reading.

The recipient is responsible for his/her own life choices and decisions. I am not qualified to give legal, financial, medical or any other advice, and I do not give advice. If you require advice of any kind you should seek a suitable licensed professional.

No refunds given 



Crystal Guidance and Healing  £111.11 for 50 minutes.

Crystal Apothecary Reading
A  Reading where I visit an energetic healing temple called the"Crystal Apothecary"Reiki Healing and crystal healing are given and any associatedguidance which is ready to be shared at this time is also offered.
The healing is conducted remotely and a recording of your healingwill be sent via Email



Rose Healing & Balancing £111.11 

Working with the energy of the sacred rose and the Divine Mother.

I create a sacred container of healing light & channel the healing energy of the Rose in alignment with the Blue Ray of the Divine Mother frequency to balance and align your chakras.

An energetic rose healing for each chakra and a gift of love for you.

The session is a remote session and an audio recording will be sent via email.



 30 minute session is £60.00

60 minute session is £111.11

I use several different energy healing methods, including Reiki. I work alongside your Higest self, guides and team to clear, heal and remove issues/obstacles and rebalance your energy in alignment with what's presented in your field at this


I channel crystalline light & energy to the layers of the physical & energy bodies and work intuitively to support you and provide relaxation and healing.


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Testimonial from Sharon Westwood Key Solution Therapies

Testimonial For Lisa the soul whisperer 
The only way that I can describe a reading with Lisa is thats it’s like she is whispering to my soul.
It feels like she gently reads your energy as she proceeds to accurately intuit the issues that are appearing in your life.
As if by magic she lifts this from your energy field as she explains your souls pathway.
Her pure empathic words put you at ease as she proceeds to tell you the past as it was, the present as it is and gives guidance for the best possible future that you are heading for.
I had a very healing, inspiring and uplifting experience. I would highly recommend a reading or healing with this beautiful psychic lady.


Thank You so much for such an expansive and multidimensional transmission of information that worked like a cosmic jigsaw 🧩 to understand on so many levels. 
Your transmission was a joy to experience and such a way forward from a traditional ‘reading’. 
So grateful to have experienced your gift and reading. 
Thank You 😊🙏😊
Lois xxxx

April Bolding

Life  changing, course correcting, affirming some of my higher knowing before I knew how to name it myself, resonating, elevating.  
These are some words to describe my experience with Blue Rose Oracles’ readings.  
I was largely left speechless, so this is a translation of the effervescent YES energy that shimmered through my being as I read/heard her words.
Oh the Beauty of being seen...  She’s a blessing in this world.  ✨🙏🏻🦋💎⚡️🥰🌏

Kae Fae Via Facebook review 

I was blown away by my reading. It was so insightful and full of confirmations for me. 
She connected to my parents (who passed in 2018) with no prior knowledge that I lost them. 
The messages she brought forth from them was like a healing salve for my soul. 
She opened my mind to new realms and gave me a clearer picture of my purpose and mission. 
I’m so thankful a friend recommended her. I give her my highest recommendation as a true and gifted reader.

Chrissy Korostovetz

The reading that I had with Blueroseoracles was the most divinely orchestrated, bang on linear time message that I have ever had the pleasure to receive. 
Lisa is a tangible being of pure light in this world, and when you first come into contact with her it is like breathing in the most wonderful sense of peace and alignment and bliss all in one, a soul recognition unlike any other that I have ever known in this life. 
Her gentle voice and supportive energy hold loving space as you are guided joyfully through the reading, in which you will vibe so highly its hard to truly describe in limited human words. 
The activations and future ancient gifts that were unlocked, and continue to expand as a direct result of our session together were incredible, and I am still excitedly picking up the clues along the way - as each day since, more and more of the kalidescope is coming together in ways that I was not able to perceive before. 
If you are lucky enough to be guided to Lisa for a reading, please know that you are here for a reason and this is your powerful sign. I can not recommend her highly enough. 
I wish this review went even some of the way to show how incredibly grateful I am for the transformational experience my life has been a beautiful journey on since we met, I know its just like a photograph of a stunnung moment in time... that can never really do justice in portraying what you actually realise with your 'real eyes' in that very moment, for its impacts remain unseen until they touch you with the gentle reminder that it is you, it always was you, it always will be you and together we have the power to remember it all. 
Lisa's reading will give you the dope knowledge that you always had the ruby slippers, you just needed to click them three times 💕

Gillian Small. EFT, Author and transformative life Coach

Follow this beauty for her divine insights and brilliant spiritual wisdom!  
Her readings are spot on going far back to past lives to reveal and heal what is going on for you now in present day.  
She will hold the space for you to be vulnerable and authentic and help guide you safely and smoothly through your session and healing experience.  
I highly recommend you connect with @blueroseoracles

Mike Burton
Light Code Channel and Soul Portrait Artist 

Such an utterly beautiful soul who’s readings are completely mind blowing. I’ve learned so much and it’s helped me in so many ways. 
Blueroseoracles has such an amazing energy and can’t help but make you feel better. A true blessing to meet and have a incredible reading from. Thank you. X 💫⭐️🌈😇🌈⭐️💫

Sentient_star.  Instagram review 

A reading with Lisa, is a gift to oneself❤🎁I was blown away by her indepth, accurate reading of my past, present and future timelines.
 This gifted, intuitive channeler was able to provide clarity with her amazing, incisive, on-point analysis. 
A humble and beautiful soul, Lisa has a sublime energy that comes through effortlessly in her readings. 
Her detailed analysis has given me much affirmation of my journey here on earth. It has filled me with purpose, validation, hope and love💖! Lisa is no doubt one of the best energy readers around😇Deeply grateful to you, Lisa, for your Light😇💜💙💚🙏

Joyce Reuter Energy Alchemist & Intuitive Guide Instagram review 

You are an amazing Divine channel of light straight from the heavens.
 I absolutely loved my reading with you.  You confirmed everything I was feeling and illuminated past lives that have been holding me back from fully opening up to my intuitive gifts.
 I love how you saw the pink rose above my head bringing in this divine feminine energy to the new earth. 
I’m so happy that my dragon is working with me and helping with the clients I work with! You have such a beautiful gift and you are a pure channel of the Divine! Thank you again beautiful angel 💗🙏💗

Lynne Instagram Review 

My reading with Lisa was above and beyond. She saw a facet of me that others didn’t. She tapped into areas that resonated with me in such a deep level that it left me in awe. 
She even picked up on projects that I’m currently working on! She can definitely connect to the divine, and I highly recommend her!🙏🏼🌟🌈🌷❤️

Brianna Instagram Review 

To anyone that is contemplating scheduling a reading with Lisa, I would HIGHLY recommend a channeled reading from her. 
Saying that her readings are a GIFT is truly an understatement, as the insight that she so lovingly provides through her channeled readings is otherworldly. 
The way she was able to tune into me (on a soul level) and to those around me is so accurate that I don’t think there are any words that can truly describe her level of accuracy as a reader. 
She is so genuine and just overall such a high caliber channeler/reader. She also brought up a few of my past lives that I really resonated with. I am beyond grateful for my reading and wouldn’t hesitate on scheduling  a reading with her again in the near future. Thank YOU so much, beautiful soul! 🙏🏻❤️💓🌸✨

Nicole Instagram Review 

Wow. My reading with Lisa was one of the best - if not the best - readings that I’ve ever had. And I’ve had a lot! She really is the real deal and one of the purest, most connected Channels and Seers I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing. 
Every single thing she brought through was on-point. So much so, that she was saying things that had only just come into my awareness the day before! She has an amazing ability to get to the heart of things, to see things as they are at a very detailed level but also sees the bigger picture and how things are connected. 
She works across lifetimes, the cosmos and your energies in such a graceful, insightful and beautiful way. 
The reading blew me away - it had such depth, focus & accuracy. It was truly amazing. You receive such incredible value & insight - she gives you so much information, across so many areas. I couldn’t recommend Lisa more highly. She is pure magic. Everyone should have a reading with her at some point ~

Gurpreet Instagram Review 

First and foremost, if you're thinking about getting a reading..stop thinking and get it! I promise that you will not regret it. 
The reading was many emotions, clearings, confirmations and closure. I had to re listen to the reading numerous times.  
Lisa is clearly gifted and her style is unique, she will tell you everything that you need to know in that moment. In my opinion there's no need to ask specific questions, let her do the work and it will be perfect.  
Her pricing is incredibly affordable as well.  She is an amazing soul with an amazing gift and is here to assist us in the most beautiful way, if she's on your mind, give her a chance, it will assist you in ways you can't imagine

Eden Sanchez Awaken Genesis Instagram Review  

Lisa Gracefully channeled me tonight the most beautiful, accurate and sincere reading and healing I have ever received. 
As a healer and intuitive myself I have met many people working in this realm but never have I received another reading until today as accurate, compassionate and integrative as this. 
This beautiful being not only gave 100% accurate information on my current energetic state, current life, relationships and current processes, but also helped me to further integrate these with both channeled in depth guidance that resonated to the core, as well as healing which I felt across spacetime immediately. 
This being was able to understand me, my energy, skills, origins and current progressive directions better than anyone I've met either in real life or online. I am genuinely blown away by the extreme level of detail and contextual understanding this soul was able to receive and how this affirmed to me my path and gave astounding crystal clear clarity.

Bridgid Instagram Review 

Thank you Lisa for the lovely reading.  It resonated for me very much.  It gave me some key insights into past lives that relate to some of the current situations and challenges I am experiencing in this lifetime as the themes are continuing.  I really enjoyed listening to the recording and learning about the messages you had channelled for me.  I would highly recommend Lisa to anyone who is looking for a reading. 

Teri Eaton.Facebook  Review 

Lisa is a gifted, magical being divinely connected to many realms. A true Oracle. 
The information she provided was more profound, helpful, enlightening and useful than any I have ever received in my life.
It touched me on a soul level, while also giving me practical steps to follow in day to day living. She is a wise sage. I revere her work. 
On a scale of 1 to 10, she's a 20!!! Truly. If you are seeking insights, she has them for you. Look no further.

Saraswati Om.
Instagram Review

The Reading brought great clarity and confirmation on my work and place here in this planet. Lisa’s insight is on point and was like putting the pieces of a puzzle together for me. 
There was so much information given. 
What a gift and light. 
Thank you the value of this session is immeasurable. 
In love and gratitude 
Saraswati Om

Gina. Phoenix Rising.Instagram Review 

I experienced the privilege of a reading with Lisa and it was so incredibly powerful and insightful.
 I was filled with so much love and inspiration after I listened to the reading. She tapped into so many aspects of myself that I completely resonated with and it was filled with so much confirmation from guides and spirit animals that I have received for years. 
She specifically described so many of them I couldn’t believe it! For example, I have always been connected to dolphins, wolf energy, ravens, fairies, archangel Raphael, violet flame, and she mentioned all of these and much more. 
My beloved grandma showed up and she described her energy so perfect and even mentioned details of a gift she gave to me, It was so heartfelt and comforting it was absolutely amazing✨ 

I have listened to the reading so many times and will definitely be scheduling regular readings and healings in the future. I highly recommend the love and light and divine guidance Lisa provides, she is very tuned in and connected to magical healing energy ✨ 
I have had many intuitive readings, and this was by far one of the best✨ Lisa, I am so very grateful for my experience with you 

Cherezade Aanya @thesacredmystica 
Instagram Review 

 I was completely blown away by my reading from Lisa at BlueRoseOracles. 
Within the first 20 seconds she was already speaking to deep inherent aspects of my nature, that even my partner perked his ears up and tuned into listening to the rest of the reading. 
As the reading continued, it felt like Lisa was quite literally peering into my soul. Speaking to the aspects of myself that only my closest friends would truly know. She also spoke to specifics of deep pains I had been working through and stated where they were located on my body. 
She was spot on. She kept confirming these aspects were already healed and my ancestors were so proud of me (I had just spent the last 4 months diving deeply into deep ancestral trauma clearing and she spoke to me now coming out of this, which I am). 
There was not one thing in the reading that didn't resoanate or ring true. She was able to speak to past lifetimes that were very strong in my field. These parts of me were aspects i have always known on a deep level, either by being drawn to the cultures or the themes of the lifetimes she spoke to without ever having known the specifics. Which Lisa was able to provide. 
Just in hearing this it was like all of the cells in my body awoken with remebrance. I felt like all of my guides and ancestors were speaking to me through her, congratulating me for all the clearing I had been doing and for being on this earth at this time. It felt deeply confirming to continue doing the work i am doing and that it has all been for a very deep purpose.
 I was completely blown away by my reading and so was my partner. So much so that he is booking a reading as well.
 I recommend Lisa as she is so beautifully kind, so intuitive and tapped in. And I have never had anyone read me in such a way before and felt safe to be seen and known in such a way. 
She is truly a gift to this world.

Aliz.Instagram Review 

Lisa's reading has absolutely left me amazed, everything she said hundred percent resonated with me, down to the smallest details and events of my life. I wasn't sure what to expect from it first but ever since I listened to the reading,
 I have more confidence and belief in myself. I feel a lot more reassured that I am on the right path and it also helped me to get more perspective on my life, to trust myself more and to see with more clarity. I can only recommend working with her, the reading allowed me to see myself through clearer lenses and encouraged me to persuade my dreams. 

Lennisha.Instagram Review 

Thank you so much for channelling for me. I found the reading emotional, uplifting, crazy, informative and comforting amongst many other things.

The messages and memories that came through I will cherish eternally. 

Thank you for being so kind and taking the time you do to offer this insight its an invaluable experience that has already impacted me on many levels. I sincerely appreciate you and all you have shared with me. Thank you Beautiful. THANK YOU Xx L

Khandi Carvhalo.Instagram Review 

I cannot begin to express how deeply I felt your channeled words in the deepest parts of my soul.  Just your voice alone, can bring the utmost peace and comfort.  
Your messages flow so effortlessly and each point had me nodding with clarity, as if I was right there in your space.  
Smiling along, knowing I had been in the presence of a huge gift, Lisa, you truly are a gift. I am ever so grateful to be among your clients.  
I look forward to your soul resonating posts, and how you connect others together.  😘🙏🏻✨💗. Thank you! Most heartfelt thank you, my sister of light. ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨

Lisa Jayne.Instagram Review 

I have never really gone searching for the exact details of my souls previous lifetimes, yet I have always known there have been hundreds, if not thousands. 
But, after a number of deeply symbolic dreams I decided to seek out those souls with whom I felt a resonance and who I deeply trusted with this work. I was being guided to understand the many influences that have carved my soul into this current lifetime as a healer and seer.

I connected with Lisa initially on Instagram as she has a deeply intuitive account with very accurate reflections and channelings on current influences and shifts.

And wow!! I wasn't disappointed. The feedback was rich and deep, offered with genuine respect and love. Lisa works in a way that is intuitive, yet shows a knowledge of vast topics and details of the earth's energetic diversity and history. 
I found her to be approachable, kind, overly generous with her compliments and yet completely down to earth. 
She gave me the gift of understanding myself and my abilities in the light of my ancient history and for this I am deeply grateful. I have no hesitation in recommending her. 
Thank you beautiful soul sista, I am more than sure we have worked together before, with love Lisa-Jane

Emma Beth.Instagram Review 

Words seem so insignificant when attempting to share the gift of a reading with Lisa! It’s sooo much more than a reading… It is a guided journey void of time and space through to the limitless sovereign essence of your pure divine light. 
Every thread of what was offered has impacted the way that I see and feel reality. 
So much was confirmations of what I felt inside, but didn’t have the courage to admit to myself. Other threads complete revelations of beauty and magic. It has taken me over a month to integrate and be able to share this, that’s how powerful the reading is! :) 
I have such love and gratitude for you Lisa, you have literally changed my experience of life through your reading. Thank you!!! Emma Beth xxx

Danielle Monza via Instagram 

"I have gotten several tarot readings from Blue Rose Oracles and with each one I am blown away by how much each channelled message resonates with me.  Because of how wonderful the tarot readings were, I recently decided to do an Akashic Records reading with Lisa.  I was speechless for about a week before I could actually tell her how unbelievably strong and powerful the reading was.  So much information, guidance, insight, past life experiences, gifts, and connections came through.  And each one resonated so strongly!  This session was incredibly healing for me because Lisa clarified and confirmed a great deal of what I hoped about myself to be true.  She also helped me make sense of a lot of synchronicities and connections without me even telling her about them beforehand.  The way Lisa brings forward her messages is so loving and pure; she comes from the heart, every time.  It's almost as if you are remembering for yourself as you listen to the reading she brings forth.  She is such a beautiful soul and powerful channel.  I cannot tell you enough how highly I recommend her and her readings- all of them!  What you receive will be far beyond your expectations.  She is truly magic!"

April Wayne 

Dear Lisa,
The reading you channeled for me was absolutely wonderful. I certainly did not expect such a deep and intuitive reading of my past or current life. I was surprised that my past life was channeled and directly speaking through you! You are unbelievably gifted and really spent a lot of time channeling who I am at the core. I can’t thank you enough as you delivered information in such a warm and loving manner. I was able to connect events and clarify my life in such a positive way. You are a divine gift and what a blessing to have crossed paths. A truly amazing person! I look forward to another reading with you. 

Lotus Blu Fire via Instagram 

I AM personally thanking you for your magnificent Divine transmission. This resonates so beautifully and profoundly, at times beyond words, for there were moments during my listening, that activated key code remembrance, releasing old paradigm vails, and blocked emotion, frustration, that I sobbed during my listening, releasing, opening standby portals of informational resonance remembrance, deep knowledge, now readily available, in turn, expanding my heart, and high heart chakras... having known of some lives you spoke of, you provided much more needed detail, the same for new lives I was not aware of, Divinely guided and received through you, that I required consciously for this holographic moment, assisting my growth, ascension.

Then too, you provided so much more detailed information with cards, and book text references. I AM touched by your hearts passionate compassion, by your integrity, and clarity, through your transmission and presentation.

I AM infinitely grateful for your Divine beingness.

Bobbi via Instagram 

During an intense crisis that arose in my reality, with an open loving heart, Lisa came to my aid and quickly helped me find solutions that made perfect sense. Her reading was in complete alignment with my own intuition, and within a day of her reading, and healing, there was a massive shift within my family! All I can say is WOW!! Lisa, I recommend you to anyone needing clarity now!!
Lisa is spot on with her readings! I’ve never experienced anyone like her in all my years!! You can trust her with ANY question, believe me!Thank you darling!

Patricia Moran

"My friend told me about how much her reading from Lisa affected her life and insisted that I too get a reading.  I am forever grateful for my friend's advice.  My reading was like having a lid lifted from something small and contained to reveal and experience something limitless and True.  The validity of what the reading reveals is found in the small seemingly insignificant details of everyday life that no one could possibly know but somehow you are told are important.  On a grander scale, information that you have always intuited but have never known for sure are also revealed.  It is like hearing from the wisest most loving friend who you really truly are and I can think of no greater gift."   Patricia

Stefanie Giardina

Thanks you for the reading. I’m overwhelmed. I feel deeply touched by your words, by the message from my higher self and all the scenes you described. Thank you so so much. I will surely recommend your work and I deeply appreciate you putting so much energy and love in it. Thank You so much.

Peter D Agnes 

I felt deeply touched by my reading with Lisa, and I have now listened to it many times over and picked up something new on each listen.  She highlighted 3 significant past lives that were coming through as important for the current time I am in, (each described in very vivid detail), there was a message channeled directly from my higher self, and she pulled cards for my past, present and future energies.   The whole time I was listening to the audio recording I felt that I was receiving a powerful energy transmission (a healing).  Lisa has a way of packing so much information into every sentence, it’s a narrative feel, like being told a story, but with the kindest, and most loving touch.  She is attuned to all of the smallest little nuances and details in your energy and expresses it in such a way that you feel you have known her for a long time.  I got the feeling immediately, that Lisa, genuinely cares, she holds a space of unconditional love and acceptance.

Lisa doesn’t just relay the information as the channel, but also has a deep empathy and love that shines through.  She has a healing radiance in her soul.  I highly recommend Lisa for anyone looking for clarity, direction, and this sense of undeniable soul knowing that one gets when you hear someone who is a pure channel to the divine speak on your situation. To be seen, to be heard, to be felt clearly, by someone, without distortion, this is the greatest gift someone can give.  Lisa gives this gift.

Nicola R via Instagram 

Wow, you always blow me away! How quickly you tune in on people, situations & circumstances is incredible, as is how you give words to feelings Ive been having. You give so much detail & clarity. I’m so so grateful for you and your gifts. You are such a pure channel and I have recommended you to so many people, who have equally been blown away too. I highly recommend anyone thinking about having a reading to do so. 

Thanks again for all that you do xxx


This is my second reading from Lisa. 

I decided to order my second reading because the quality of depth and insight she has in looking into my soul is simply astounding. It has taken me months to formulate the words adequate enough that truly appreciate her gift. I will keep on going back to Lisa for channeled readings for as long as she will let me because she is a rare breed of readers that operates completely from integrity, truth, love and light. I can not speak more highly of Lisa's gift. Do get yourself a reading if you're compelled. She is a miracle walking upon this earth!  Thank you Lisa!

Annette Maxwell 

My recent reading from Lisa was absolutely fabulous! It brought through so much confirmation and clarity for me in regards to my Spiritual Journey and Life Path, in this and other lifetimes in such beautiful and meaningful form that so totally honoured many aspects of my Being and the Soul that I AM. It was a priceless gift for myself in deepening my innerstanding of Soul aspects and acceptance of my own gifts, I highly recommend her as a wonderfully gifted reader.

Stephanie D

Dear Lisa,

I am so glad I booked the aura/chakra session. I was not expecting it to be so much information. I almost had to take notes! I did listen to it a couple times every time I picked up new information. I felt I learned more about myself from this reading. Absolutely AMAZING 🤩 I would recommend this reading to anyone that wants to learn about there own aura or chakra system! Thank you I am in awe how gifted you are 🥰🙏🎁. Stephanie D

Alia via Instagram 

My testimony for you ~ 

Thank you so much for the read yesterday. The cards and messages are so beautiful and I feel very grateful to have received them . You are a beautiful, caring and a pure channel and I would definitely recommend you to my close friends as you are full of integrity, light  and clarity. Very grateful  thank you sincerely,  Alia ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Cynthia via Instagram 

Hello beautiful soul, 💜 here is my review for the amazing reading you gave me. This truly was a powerful experience for me and I am so very grateful. Thanks to you I trust myself, and activated my gifts like I would not believe, I will go on on this journey with fierce motivation and more self confidence. My boyfriend will contact you for an akashic reading, he's interested and I will definitely come back to you when needed for healing energy session. Here is my review, with lots of love Cynthia 

Katie Jayne (Andcrystals)

My reading from lisa with the most heart activating, transformative and moving experience I have had in a long time.  It’s not just a reading it’s a portal to the heart, it’s an increasingly healing space to feel ‘seen’ and to release in. 
I can’t thank her enough, her pure, neutral and heart centred approach is refreshing. Her words have stayed with me for days and I know months and years to come. They are a source of comfort, affirmation and love.  
She helped me piece together the bits I could not see through fear or grief, her work is Everything that’s needed at this time to help us understand the bigger picture.
Thank you so so much for the connections and the love and joy I felt.
I am so grateful for you xxxxx

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